Thursday, June 18, 2015

When we're in Paris

"Like a dream come true"

Yess, another dream do come true.
a new place to visit, the most romantic city ever in the world (at least that's what people say)
It's in January, and the weather was extremely cold. For Asian people like me, 2 Degrees and winter? wasn't nice at all.
But still, happy as can be.

Visiting the Eiffel tower, a world Iconic place.
And i's totally foggy and windy when we reach Eiffel.. we can only see 1/3 the bottom of Eiffel.. so sad....
but no worry...the excitement, the adventures, and the experiences we had  still great. Hopefully I could go back there again with my loves one

Strolling around the Champs Elysee in the midnite and at noon..
took lots of pictures of the city, not to mention seeing with my own eyes the most Popular painting of "Monalisa" in Louvre...

A short visit, but yet gave lots of memories...

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