Sunday, July 04, 2010

all bout fun

after putting out the lazziness on the shelves
and fully charged my digicam baterry..
came up with the photo session
and here it is..
a moment back in time, when i was trying "quite hard"
(since i still have to work and did all that Business Plan Thing,
almost everyday, all the lectures, all the examinations, papers, and so on..yessss
it was not "Quite hard" but soooo Hard - at that time)
although it last only 3 years in Prasetiya Mulya Business School,
but we shared lots of story to be remember
to tell to our children in the future..
about the madness happened in campus,
about friendship, love, sadness
and most of all...about life

through birthdays...
Sahur On the road
through weddings
and the throphy..
Karaoke time
(phew..just realized...almost 2 times a week we visited inul vista)
hahahhaa...feels like another home for us..
the serious part!
and yet...we'd come together at the beginning
and ended it together in our graduation day
(Too bad i couldn't afford the pictures here..later on will be)
and like the poverb says
"Friend is a Family You choose"
yess indeed...a great big family of

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