Friday, July 01, 2011

Family Matters...

After putting all the lazyness on the box...
well, gathered all the layouts I've made So far..
aboutlove, togetherness, playfulness
about Family...

Here are some of the layouts...

Gathered all Blue paper I have..
cut them into 3cmx3cm squares, and rearranged them into this one layout..

Here they are...
My little Princess, 
Hanna and Putri..

And the boys...

A Mother's Love
The paper covered with acrylic paint..
Another way to get intimate with your layout

Auli..Auli and Auli..
Most of the layouts
are bout him and his activity

the picture taken on My Youngest Brother's Wedding...
"What we've been through...makes us stronger"

Here comes the Groom!!

My Lil' Family :)

"We Live, We Laugh, We Learn, We Love...We Choose.."

Auli's Kindergarden Graduation's Day

Here Goes my baby
When In Uterus...and now...
When it comes about love..
it is a never ending story...

My Adorable Aulia

The Dare Devil
"Between the Innocence of babyhood 
and the dignity of manhood
we found a delightful creature of A Boy"

Father and Son

"Love doesn't come from your mind, 
which knows your age,
but from your heart,
which knows no age"

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