Tuesday, May 04, 2010

publishing the unpublished...

seeing my stories and go tell them..
made this one in the Chocolate ++ Class by Mba Ria
hand made flowers and the stories...just gone well..

the picture was taken on my brother's wedding...

the narcis me...
usually i made all the scrap-framed for my besties, friends and clients..
when it turned to be me...LOVE IT much!
Yess....I'm fall for this red and pink...and always a little black...
here's the journal :
10. Can sell ice to eskimos
9. I'm the greatest
8. I never be a wimp
7. Such Animal magnetism
6. Leader of the pack
5. Can complain Loudly
4. Like people to depend on me
3. Natural born actor
2.Always fun to be around
And #1 reason I am A LEO is because
I was born under the sign of the LION
"Genuinely YOU"
instead of photos...i put the 'karikatur' of Maureen's as the centre of her b'day gift
(thanks to someone whose willing to draw her...-contact me if anybody want to make one)
hand made flowers and always butterflies..
such a cute combination!
Like This A Lot!


aphrodita wibowo said...

waaa....bagusnya... aku srapbooker amatiran,hehe, pengen ikut class nya...


TheRaLeA said...

hai...nanti kalo ada lagi aku kabarin deh....