Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 7 - Fotos of the day

entering the last day of Week In The Life Project
well...missed lots of moments because of the work..
but still cherished every minuttes happened in my life
good morning My Prince
he can tied up his shoes already!
juice everyone...
usually I add brocolli for the juice,
but since we're run out of stock..
carrot itself just fine!
Me and Skipper...
the guardian..hahaha
and this is the reason why
we had a hectic situation today!!
Cute packaging for Mini smarties..
here's the lunch
from 20th floor..
raining hard!
another dawn breaking sleep?

I believe in the goodness of others
and of life
and in seeking for beauty and unity
And when i can't find it
I believe in going out and
Creating It.
(Melody Ross)

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