Thursday, December 10, 2009

Being A Mom

Being A mom doesn't mean your world will fall apart.
Doesn't mean that your world is turn up side down.
It's a Gift....

Well...It's not easy though...
Mother... the first important figure in one child life.
Explanation about woman... (In mY own words)
As A woman.. she was born for completed the life of a man
As a Mother..she has important duty to gave birth, breast feeding, raise children.
As a Mother..she has to be the one to make her family comfort.
As A mother..she is the centre of the family.
While fathers go to work everyday... mom always be there, taking care the unfinished job.
It's not easy being a mom... it's like having a whole life job.
But it's a honour to every woman.
At least that's what i feel.

And about woman in work (the real work--offices I mean)???
Almost every married woman do the same things i explain above, everyday!!
And if you are a working woman too...mmmmm....

it can be sure that you do have a good time management.
'Cause you still have to do the house work, go to the office, do the jobs there, going home and do the houseworks again.
Well...It's easy to say..but it's a hard thing to do!
If you feel like you can afford it.....

Try to be a mom. A working one!
Than you know how i have to live everyday..

without any doubt..
I am proud to be a woman
A wife,
A mother.

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